Bustin the Blues Tincture

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1 Oz Tincture

Contains:  Kava Kava Root, Gota Kola,  Passion Flower, Ginger Root,  Wild lettuce,  Grain Alcohol, Distilled Water.  Alcohol content, 60%

Instructions – take about 25 drops about 3x a day.

Approx 25 servings per bottle.


Disclaimer –  No medical claims are being made in regards to any of the products or their efficiency dealing with any health concerns or benefits.  Act responsibly and seek qualified medical advice before using any of the products especially when pregnant, nursing or taking medications. Statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.

1 review for Bustin the Blues Tincture

  1. Stephanie

    I am very happy with the results of this tincture. The taste I can pass on but the results are amazing. I take this with vitex tincture for my severe pms/pmdd and wow does it totally make a difference in My whole demeanor. If your looking for a way of boosting your mood out of the blues, this is a must try!!

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