Cacao Roasted Powder


1.5 oz

Cacao Powder



From Web MD

Cacao is the raw form of dark chocolate, and it’s what everyone is talking about when studies show that chocolate is good for you. Cacao nibs are the raw, dehydrated and crushed cocoa bean, prior to adding sugar and milk to make it delicious. Truth be told, raw cacao is a little bit bitter and almost disappointingly tasteless. But it truly is so good for you: it’s loaded with heart healthy antioxidants that prevent disease and lower cholesterol. A compound called theobromine gives caffeination without the jitters. And cacao is also a fantastic source of magnesium which seems to help with PMS symptoms. So yes, ladies, you’re welcome and encouraged to reach for raw chocolate around that time of the month.


Disclaimer –  No medical claims are being made in regards to any of the products or their efficiency dealing with any health concerns or benefits.  Act responsibly and seek qualified medical advice before using any of the products especially when pregnant, nursing or taking medications.


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