Chuchuhuasi Extract Powder 4:1


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Extract Powder  4:1

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From WebMD:


Chuchuhuasi is a tree. The barks, roots, and leaves are used to make medicine.

People take chuchuhuasi by mouth for arthritisback pain, broken bones, diarrhea, complications after childbirth, joint disorders, sexual arousal, and as a tonic.

People apply chuchuhuasi to the skin for skin cancer.

As a food, chuchuhuasi is used as a flavoring agent.

How does it work?

Chuchuhuasi might slow cancer growth. It might also prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Chuchuhuasi contains chemicals that have antioxidant effects.

Disclaimer –  No medical claims are being made in regards to any of the products or their efficiency dealing with any health concerns or benefits.  Act responsibly and seek qualified medical advice before using any of the products especially if pregnant, nursing or taking medications.


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